Monday, September 30, 2019

A Medical Tour Checklist for Novice Travellers

Planning a medical tour in the near future? Consider the following pointers to look into before leaving home. Following these steps can save you a bucket load of money and also understand the intricacies of medical tourism.

The first step would be to carry out a well-spanned research on the country your planning to carry out your treatment; learn about their health care industry, the quality of the professionals available, compare costs and inquire about various medical tourists agencies in terms of reputation, client servicing, their industry networks etc.

Once you’ve singled out an agency of your choice, have a detailed run through of the estimated costs of the whole package. At this point we need not mentioned that the final figure should be below the estimated cost of doing it in your own country.

If your happy with the pricing you can move on to discuss regarding the other aspects of the travel itenary such as visa processing, accommodation, booking appointments, travel options etc.

 In most countries, getting a tourist visa is relatively easy but most tourists aren't aware of the eligibility, benefits and procedure of obtaining one. Accommodation options for travellers could vary from luxury hotels and resorts to apartments and homestays depending on the budget and agency your with.

Next, You can also look up the hospitals and shortlist your preferred doctors of choice at  this stage. A good practice would be to get in touch with your medical tourism agency and talk to them about the hospitals and experts you would be considering for your treatment as hiccups in  medical are rare if they do take place, they happen mostly at this stage. So book your appointments well in advance and plan your journey in coherence with your scheduled appointments.

Another factor to look into is you commute. In some places local transport can be messy and you don't want to get lost in a foreign country, especially if the first language of the country isn't english. So plan your travel in advance or discuss with your agency if travel is also included in their package and if so what are the options available. Lastly, most travelers seeking treatments abroad for minor treatments never fail to explore the touristy side of the country, after all you are on a fully paid travel package. So don't forget to include in your itenary, the budget for a detour and explore the local culture and cuisine during your sojourn and plan your trip accordingly. You can check with your agency for affordable tour packages or plan your own trip!

These tips will guarantee you have a cost effective and pleasant experience while abroad.
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