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Dental Tourism in India - All you need to know

Tourism has evolved to take many forms in the past several decades. From sightseeing to health, tourism attracts people from all around the world for multiple reasons. With India’s culture and heritage, it has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Now, with the advancement in technology and science, India is one of the preferred destinations for medical tourism, particularly dental tourism.

People travel around the world looking for affordable dental treatment. The high cost of Dental Procedures and treatment in the western countries, especially the US, UK , Australia and New Zealand is the primary reason why they look to travel to other countries. They spend an outstanding $300 million every year for medical expenses. Medical tourism has become the most affordable option to the people from the West.

In this scenario, India has been in demand  for dental tourism. It attracts foreign nationals because of the quality treatment provided by world-class doctors at affordable prices. For example, a simple root canal costs up to 700 to 1,500 USD  in the US while it costs only about 200 to 500 USD in India. Moreover, the doctors are the best of the best, India is known for hospitality, treatment is affordable and, better yet, they get to experience the roots of India while getting their teeth in the best shape. Reasons to choose India for dental tourism are many.

Advantages of Indian Dental Tourism

        Developed countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia charge exorbitantly for dental insurance and treatment.
        While comparing the converted charges of dollar or pound to Indian Rupee, the treatment is cost effective in India.
        For the cost of treatment in  home countries , medical travellers can easily get treated in India as well as have a nice holiday too and still have leftover money to spend elsewhere.
        The healthcare sector in India provides quality healthcare by adhering to the set international standards.
        The doctors, nurses and other staff are fluent in English .
        The patient history and records are digitised and easy to handle.
        Tourism companies co-ordinate the entire trip to provide quality healthcare along with an unforgettable vacation.

The Dental Procedures in India and Their Cost

Cost in India ($)
Cost in US ($)
Cost in UK (£)
Hospitalisation (in days)
Root Canal
$40/ tooth
OPD/3-4 sittings
Ceramic Crown (Metal Fused
Dental Extraction
Dental Implants
OPD 2 stages over 3 months
Teeth Whitening
OPD 3-4 sitting

Other dental treatments include:

        Dental Implants
        Dental Crowns
        Dental Fillings
        Dental Bonding
        Dental Bridges
        Dental Caps
        Root Canals
        Teeth Whitening
        Tooth Contouring and Reshaping
        Gum Grafting
        Maxillary surgery
        Over denture
        Smile Makeover

Why Go the Extra Mile!

India has been a magnet drawing tourists with her beautiful landscapes, architecture, culture, heritage, and diversity. The incredible Taj Mahal that stands as a witness to the love of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan in Agra, the magnificent Himalayan mountain range line the north, the beautiful Kashmir awaits tourists in winter, the beaches of Goa, the back waters of Kerala, the pink city of Jaipur, and so many more breath-taking experiences awaits tourists in India. India is filled with diversity that is unique to each region, state, and district. From the language, architecture, cuisines, to tradition, lifestyle, medicine, everything has a distinct flavour and colour of its own.

People fly the extra mile and choose India for her beauty, the reputation of her doctors, affordability of treatment, ease of travel, and communication. But most importantly, they choose dental tourism to make unforgettable memories while preserving the strength of their teeth. 

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Dental Tourism in India - All you need to know

Tourism has evolved to take many forms in the past several decades. From sightseeing to health, tourism attracts people from all arou...