Thursday, August 1, 2019

Kerala - Asia’s Emerging Medical Tourism Destination

Envision sparky white sheets of sands, gazing at palm trees in Gods own country. After a long flight, the urge to hit the beach and relax is strong but there’s a bit of business to attend to first: The first stop on the tourist itinerary in this tropical locale is a hospital, to go under the knife for a replacement knee, a minor surgery which costs a fraction of which it would have cost in your home country, even including airfare and wellness-resort stays. You would be just one of the thousands of surgery-seeking vacationers who have packed their bags for Kerala in recent years.

Medical tourism is a huge magnet, attracting thousands of tourists to this southern state of India, dotted with breathtaking beaches, serene backwaters and incredible hill stations to charm its visitors. With Kerala already being on the map as a favourite tourist destination, more and more people are turning towards Kerala’s growing popularity as the preferred option for covering rising in medical costs. There are numerous fine resorts spread out all over the state to provide for the needs of the discerning tourists. With fine tropical weather, warm and friendly people, a great culture and abundant gems of nature, there is something here to charm every back-packer.

Thanks to cheap international travel, a strong pharmaceutical industry, and quality health care which is increasingly making Kerala a preferred medical tourism destination. For example, a heart bypass surgery costs roughly $140,000 without any insurance in the US. The same procedure, however, costs only around $7,000 at one of Kerala’s leading surgery centres.  Procedures such as hip and knee replacement, facelift, and gastric bypass are far more affordable in India, including the travel costs and accommodation, compared to the US. Moreover, these cosmetic procedures are not covered by most insurance providers in Western countries.

Kerala has many top-notch centres for open-heart surgery and paediatric heart surgeries like KIMS hospital and NIMS which are equipped with the latest equipment that is on par with its Western counterparts. Another reason why Kerala is a popular medical tourism destination is the fact that it is also home to a number of Ayurvedic and alternative medicine like Sidha, Unani, Yoga, Acupuncture and Homeopathy which are very popular among foreigners. Such treatment opportunities give Kerala the edge over its competitors like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and the UAE.

So what it like to come to kerala for a treatment? For visitors, it’s like booking an all-inclusive holiday package, with the added bonus of a face-lift or new dentures. And we at Healing Trails ensure your time in Kerala smooth sailing.

We understand it can be hard to keep anxiety at bay, though, when you’re undergoing a procedure thousands of miles away from home, which is why our services cover hospital appointment management and in-hospital support, visa assistance, ticket booking, hotel and accommodation booking, holiday and wellness packages & local transportation arrangement.

From the moment you plan your medical travel till the moment that you board the return flight Healing Trails will be with you throughout the journey to give you an experience that you will cherish and make you feel relaxed and calm. For more information visit

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